Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break Adventures

We headed to California on an airplane to visit family over spring break, and it was exactly what the title adventure. Momma toating two little ones on an airplane with carseats, diaper bags, backpacks (toys for the kiddos), and a stroller...equation for a stressed out me.

Once we arrive in Orange County, all the stress was removed and we were ready for the vacation part. We headed to Disneyland for three days. Lily was the happiest little girl in the world when she saw Minnie Mouse...need to get the pic from my mom. Garrett could have rode the Buzz Light Year ride all day. I enjoyed the churros, they are the best.

After Disney we just visited with family for the week, and got in some quality time. Such a great memory. I know daddy missed his little ones, and is so happy to have us home:)


kristen said...

Sarah! It is so good to see you and your little ones - I've missed you around here! I totally understand about those winter blues. It tends to make you enjoy the summer so much more. Congratulations on getting a new temple!

Jana and Ray said...

Sarah! come back! I wish you still lived here. I hope that you are liking Colorado! Come visit when you can!